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BlueSquirrel is all about looking after water, storing it and passive treatment of it. The BlueSquirrel WPU truly is the next generation of surface water control, within both a domestic and commercial environment. It is a system designed, developed, and manufactured in Wales that finally provides a solution in meeting SuDs in full. (Sustainable Drainage System).

A unique design that manages storm water from roof tops, paths, courtyards and roads and mimics natural drainage with controlled attenuation in a measured way, filtering phosphate’s and carbon, whilst retaining grey water to be used elsewhere, whether that is for toilet flushing, washing machines or just used for watering.

The WPU does this all by being completely maintainable and having true longevity, unlike other systems being used today. The WPU also has a very low carbon footprint in comparison, this is due to its clever design and its simple and safe installation.

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